Optimize the value of your hay production

Discover HAYTECH, the most powerful solution to optimize the profitability of your haystacks. Stack protection, quality monitoring, surround yourself with the ultimate assistant, designed for and with professionals in the field.

Haytech system
2023 World Ag Expo Top-10 New Product

World Ag Expo

Top 10 New Products Competition

We have been named among the 10 winners of the Top 10 New Product Competition 2023 organized by the World Ag Expo.

Exhibit Space:

Farm Credit Dairy Center 6403
February 14 – 16 2023 in Tulare, CA

Why to chose HAYTECH?
Key features

Why choose HAYTECH?

Secure your hay production

Increase your revenue

Reduce labor costs

Facilitate certification

Secure your hay production

Anticipate hay fires and don’t risk losing your production. HAYTECH alerts you in case of abnormal fermentation.
You will love these features:

  • Be alerted 24/7 wherever your are, directly on your smartphone
  • Visualize your entire hay production
  • Find the problematic area in one click
  • Customize your notifications and alert levels

hay fires prevented


improvement in milk production

Increase your revenue by enhancing quality

Select the right fodder quality for the right use. Access the complete temperature history of your fodder on your HAYTECH application and know which fodder is best for which use.

You will love these features:

  • Visualize all your fodder on your dashboard
  • Consult the complete temperature history of your fodder

Reduce labor costs

Limit dangerous handling and work accidents. HAYTECH gives you access to all the data you need remotely.
You will love these features:

  • Set up HAYTECH probes once
  • Access all the data you need on your phone
  • Access the complete mapping of your operating site from your dashboard


less labor costs


higher selling price

Facilitate the certification of your hay production

Anticipate your selling price by ensuring in advance that your hay meets the requirements of quality labels and by providing a guarantee of traceability to your customers.
You will love these features:

  • Export full reports in one click
  • Meet quality labels’ requirements more easily
  • Anticipate your selling price

Stop worrying about your hay production. Choose us now!

Our system

Discover our all-in-one system

Designed with hay producers, for hay producers
Haytech system

A super intuitive interface

Both global and ultra-precise, HAYTECH allows you to monitor your entire storage site regardless of the size of your production.

Identify risk areas with intuitive color coding and set up your alerts in one click.

100 long-life probes

Enjoy our ready-to-use probes, designed with hay producers to match their needs of regarding robustness and simplicity.

We designed them making sure you wouldn’t need to change them for at least 3 years.

Haytech probes

Our users are our best advocates

Marie Roy
« The quality of the fodder with which I feed my animals is very important to me. The HAYTECH system allows me to trace the quality of my hay by monitoring its temperature. »
Marie Roy
« I was always worried that my hay would catch fire, I always had to go monitor it. With HAYTECH, I have finally found peace of mind. »
Benjamin William
« HAYTECH allows us to get real-time temperature data which helps us control the quality of the final product. »
Christophe Colas
Hay producer
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Ready to enjoy our pack?


  • HAYTECH App on your phone
  • HAYTECH App on your desktop
  • 100 HAYTECH probes
  • Unlimited alerts
  • Unlimited notifications
  • 7 days a week support
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