Reduce the fire risks for your policyholders with HAYTECH

Hay fires pose a significant risk that can be prevented. Partner with HAYTECH and protect your policyholders from fires with our real-time hay temperature monitoring solution. We send them SMS alerts in case of anomalies.

Farms equipped with HAYTECH hay probes, it's...
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Fires avoided on average in 5 years
repairs avoided on average with each alert
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and reconstructions avoided on average with each alert

Thanks to HAYTECH,

Reduce the Hay Fires of Your Insured Clients

Minimize the fire risks on your clients’ farms with our connected solution for monitoring hay temperature. We send them an alert in case of abnormal temperatures so they can take action in time.

Stand out
Set Yourself Apart from Other Insurers

Sell more than just insurance policies, offer an additional service to protect your insured clients and differentiate yourself from your competitors.

Enhance Your Insurance Policies

Receive alert reports from your insured clients, generate risk prediction reports, and refine your insurance policies based on the profiles of your clients.

A Simple Solution for Unbeatable Results

Our temperature monitoring solution, specially designed for farmers, combines connected hay probes and an intuitive app. It alerts your insured clients in a timely manner in case of a fire risk.


Probes anti fire for hay protect
Hay Probes

Our wireless probes, specially designed for round and square bales, measure the temperature in real-time at the core of hay bales.

Haytech Application
HAYTECH Tracking App

Available on all devices, users monitor their operation in real-time from the app. They receive SMS alerts in case of abnormal hay temperature.

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24/7 Monitoring

Your clients’ farms are finally protected from hay fires!

Already, dozens of insurance companies trust us worldwide.
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HAYTECH, your best ally for hay fire prevention

Become a partner of the most efficient hay temperature monitoring solution on the market.

Best ally against hay swelling

Ultra-Precise Data

Our probes are 40 cm long and capture temperature at the core of all hay bales, round or square, where the risk is highest.

Receive Alerts from Your Clients

Receive an alert simultaneously with your insured clients and take the necessary measures to ensure that your clients take action in time.

Enhance Your Risk Prediction

Export alert reports from your clients, leverage statistics, and generate risk prediction reports based on the profiles of your clients.

Benefit from the Data Agri Label

HAYTECH is certified with the Data Agri Label and ensures the valuation and security of farm data in its contracts.

Become a HAYTECH Partner

Let’s work together to build a hay fire prevention campaign for your insured clients.

They recommend our solution to their insured clients

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“HAYTECH allows us to get real-time temperature data which helps us control the quality of the final product.”

Mathieu V.

Farmer in France

The Demeter Bogenschütz farm is a 240-hectare agricultural estate located between the Black Forest and Lake Constance in Germany. The farm adopted the HAYTECH system in 2019 to enhance the quality of its hay and consequently, its dairy production.

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