Hay temperature monitoring probes

Easy to set up, visible from a distance, and highly durable, discover the technology behind our hay temperature  monitoring probes.

Our probes

Our hay probes.

Our HAYTECH probes are...
0 cm
deep enough to reach the core of your hay bales.
0 years
with a minimum battery life for the probe.
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A technological marvel

Access real-time monitoring of temperature and forage quality with our HAYTECH probes, specially designed for hay.

Probes anti fire for hay protect

A quick installation

To use them, simply insert the probes into your hay bales, whether they are round or square.

Unbeatable longevity

After 2 to 3 years of use, we take care of changing your batteries and, if necessary, recycling probes that no longer work.

Extreme resistance

Choose the most robust probes on the market, capable of working for an extended period even in the harsh conditions.

Fast installation

A wireless solution

No need for laboratory analysis anymore. The wireless technology of our hay probes revolutionizes temperature measurement and hay quality evaluation.

Highly accurate

Our 40 cm probes measure the temperature at the core of your hay bales. Access continuous, real-time data through your application.

Highly visible

Identify our probes in the midst of your bales with their recognizable color.

No wire

So, when is your turn?

Optimize the management of your operation

Optimize your milk production

Track the quality of your forage from storage to consumption and improve your cows’ milk production while reducing the need for supplements.


Enhance the quality of your hay

Anticipate the price of your hay bales with real-time monitoring of their temperature. Certify to your buyers that your hay has retained its full quality and sell it at a higher price.

Secure your operation

Protect your farm from hay fires. Receive SMS alerts as soon as a temperature variation appears abnormal and quickly visualize the affected hay bales to take action.

They can no longer do without HAYTECH for their hay

Dashing Cowboy

” was always worried that my hay would catch fire, I always had to go monitor it. With HAYTECH probes, I have finally found peace of mind.”

Benoît Guillaume


The Demeter Bogenschütz farm is a 240-hectare agricultural estate located between the Black Forest and Lake Constance in Germany. The farm adopted the HAYTECH system in 2019 to enhance the quality of its hay and consequently, its dairy production.

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