Optimize Your Hay Production with HAYTECH

A high-quality hay bale is one that sells for a higher price. Sell your hay at the best price and enhance the profitability of your production. Our solution enables you to confidently track the quality of your forage.

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Anticipate your selling prices

Stop reducing the prices of your hay bales. Ensure that your buyers are confident that they have maintained the same level of quality during their storage thanks to real-time quality tracking, accessible on your dashboard.

Improve the value of your production

Produce only high-quality hay. Receive SMS alerts in case of abnormal fermentation in one of your bales and remove it from your production before it contaminates others.

Facilitate the export of forage

Track the traceability of your hay bales and universally prove their quality with a simple metric: temperature monitoring.

Maximize your production, manage your hay with HAYTECH

Improve the quality of your production with HAYTECH, a solution for temperature and hay quality monitoring, specially designed for hay producers.

Probes anti fire for hay protect
Hay probes

Our wireless probes, designed specifically for round and square bales, measure real-time temperature at the core of your hay bales.

Haytech Application
The HAYTECH Monitoring App

Available on all devices, view your operation in real-time and track temperature and hay quality changes from your app.

Happy dairy farmer
Ensure a high-quality hay production, protected from cases of fermentation

Discover all the features designed for you

  • Monitor the quality of your forage

    Control the quality of your hay bales from your dashboard. Ensure that none exceed the fermentation threshold and that they all maintain their quality during storage.

  • Know the actual quality of your hay

    Understand the quality level of each bale at the time of sale and set your prices accordingly. HAYTECH provides you with temperature monitoring reports and assesses hay quality on your dashboard.

  • Visualize your operation in 3D

    See the 3D mapping of your production site and easily identify which bales are jeopardizing your production in case of abnormal temperature and take prompt action.

Features of application
  • Secure your production site

    Protect yourself from hay fires with HAYTECH. Customize the temperature thresholds of your probes and receive SMS alerts in case of anomalies.

  • An efficient and intuitive application

    Manage your production site directly from our user-friendly app, available on all your devices. Dashboards, alert notifications, hay management, production mapping, and more – your operation will never be the same.

  • Durable wireless probes

    Choose HAYTECH’s wireless hay probes for a highly resilient technology. Suitable for round and square bales, they offer extended longevity regardless of weather conditions.

Features of app

Are you interested?

Trust HAYTECH for your hay management

HAYTECH contributes to building the future of your profession and making your days easier.

Truly Simple Technology

HAYTECH is designed to be an intuitive solution, easy to implement, and truly practical for daily use.

An Accessible Solution Everywhere

Keep a constant eye on your operation. Our HAYTECH services are available on all your devices, no matter where you are.

Agriculture as a Vocation

Passionate about agriculture, and sometimes even from farming backgrounds, all our team members are well-versed in the needs and challenges of the industry. For over 6 years, our solution has aimed to optimize and protect your production while simplifying your days.

Recommended by Leading Insurance Companies

HAYTECH is recommended by top insurance companies such as NationWide, #1 in the United States, and Groupama, to protect their clients from hay fires.

An Easy-to-Implement Solution

From initial contact to setup on your operation, everything is designed to make your life easier.


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Get the most out of HAYTECH

Once the contract is signed, we’ll set up your application access and send your probes by mail. A few minutes to configure your account, and you’re ready to optimize your hay management!

They maximized their hay production with HAYTECH

Dashing Cowboy

” The HAYTECH system is very reliable and highly efficient; it allows us to manage a significant number of bales as we have 500 probes in place.”
Christophe Colas
Farm Manager at DUREPAIRE

The Demeter Bogenschütz farm is a 240-hectare agricultural estate located between the Black Forest and Lake Constance in Germany. The farm adopted the HAYTECH system in 2019 to enhance the quality of its hay and consequently, its dairy production.

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