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Use cases

Mickael Querry is a farmer in Doubs, France. For over 4 years, he has been using the HAYTECH system to safeguard his hay production from fires
Viv Cossar operates as a hay producer in Victoria,Australia. Over the past three years, the farm has been relying on the HAYTECH system to safeguard their hay production and ensure its quality.
Mickael, Marie, and Florian, three farmers on a shared farm in Jura, France, have been relying on the HAYTECH system for over 5 years. It helps them protect their hay and ensures they always able to provide quality hay to their cows.
The Demeter Bogenschütz farm is a 240-hectare agricultural estate located between the Black Forest and Lake Constance in Germany. The farm adopted the HAYTECH system in 2019 to enhance the quality of its hay and consequently, its dairy production.
Heu-Heinrich, farmers in the Thuringian Forest of Germany for over a decade, manage around 130 hectares of organic meadows. They oversee every aspect of hay production and have implemented HAYTECH to protect their operation and enhance hay quality.
The Winkler farm in Gaggenau-Winkel, Germany, has been run by the Maier family for four generations. Since 2012, Martina Maier has been managing the agricultural operation and the horse boarding facility. They introduced the HAYTECH system to monitor their hay storage.
"Kievitshoeve is a dairy farm with a secondary branch dedicated to retired horses. After narrowly averting a fire incident, the farm implemented the HAYTECH system about years ago."
The DUREPAIRE farm is located in Charente, France, and is specializing in hay production.For over 5 years now, DUREPAIRE has chosen HAYTECH to protect and enhance the quality of its operations.

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