The application that optimizes your production

Discover HAYTECH, the app, specially designed to optimize the quality of your hay and make it safer.

Mockup of the application to fight hay fire

Why trust HAYTECH?

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farmers use Haytech
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Tonnes of hay monitored
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Avoided fires

Check the quality of your production in real-time

On your dashboard, access real-time data sent by hay probes and ensure that none of your hay bales exceed the fermentation threshold.

Real time

Visualize your farm in 3D

Access the mapping of your farm on your smartphone. In case of abnormal temperatures, quickly pinpoint the hay bales causing issues and protect your production in a timely manner.


Enhance the traceability of your forage

Certify the precise quality level of your forage to your buyers by accessing the complete history of each hay bale.


Customize the level of protection for your farm

Set your own temperature alert thresholds and receive SMS alerts in case of anomalies


Access HAYTECH from anywhere, at any time

Computer, tablet, smartphone – enjoy HAYTECH on all your devices, wherever you are!

Multi screens

Those who use it are the ones who speak about it best.

Choose simplicity, choose HAYTECH!

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