HAYTECH, the comprehensive solution for hay management

Discover HAYTECH, the most comprehensive connected hay management solution on the market to improve the productivity and quality of your production, already used by thousands of farmers

Haytech solution
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HAYTECH, a Solution for hay management

Increase your revenue

Don’t lower your prices anymore, sell your hay production at the best price.


Improve the quality of your production

Follow the evolution of the quality of your hay, from harvest to resale.


Secure your operation

Protect your production from hay fires and fermentation with our Haytech safety alert system.

Intuitive app
An intuitive app
A solution designed for farmers
Precise data
Accurate data
A turnkey solution

HAYTECH in the field

Our solution is based on the combination of a tracking application and a system of wireless connected probes.


The HAYTECH Tracking App

Wherever you are, manage your stock directly from your application from your monitoring board.


Our Hay Probes

Our wireless probes, specially designed for round and square bales, measure the temperature in real time at the core of your haystacks.

Optimize your hay management


Optimize your milk production

Monitor the quality of your hay from the field to consumption and improve your cows’ milk production while giving them fewer supplements.


Improve the quality of your hay

Anticipate hay bale prices with real-time temperature monitoring. Assure your buyers of its quality, selling it at a premium price.


Secure your operation

Protect your farm from hay fires. Get alerted by SMS as soon as a temperature variation seems abnormal and quickly visualize the affected hay bales to take action.

An easy-to-implement solution
for hay management

From the initial contact to the implementation on your farm, everything is designed to make your life easier.


Contact us

Would you like to set up HAYTECH on your farm? Just fill out our form, we’ll explain everything to you!

  • A response within 24 hours with a concrete proposal.
  • A contact person who knows the issues in your sector.
  • A contact person who knows the issues in your sector.


Let's talk about your business

We call you back during the day to get to know each other, discuss your needs and explain everything you want to know about our HAYTECH solution. At the end of our call, we will send you a personalized offer by email.


Get the most out of HAYTECH

Once the contract is signed, provide access to the application for you and send you your probes by package. It will take a few minutes to set up your account and then you’re ready to optimize your hay management!

A solution that can be accessed anywhere

Computer, tablet, or smartphone, enjoy HAYTECH on all your devices.

We use HAYTECH on farms

Why not you?

The Demeter Bogenschütz farm is a 240-hectare agricultural estate located between the Black Forest and Lake Constance in Germany. The farm adopted the HAYTECH system in 2019 to enhance the quality of its hay and consequently, its dairy production.
Mickael Querry is a farmer in Doubs, France. For over 4 years, he has been using the HAYTECH system to safeguard his hay production from fires
Heu-Heinrich, farmers in the Thuringian Forest of Germany for over a decade, manage around 130 hectares of organic meadows. They oversee every aspect of hay production and have implemented HAYTECH to protect their operation and enhance hay quality.

Do you have a question about HAYTECH?

The answer is here, if not let us know!

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