Behind HAYTECH, a team of enthusiasts at your service

HAYTECH is a solution developed by Quanturi, a pioneering company in the deployment of connected solutions for precision agriculture. Our goal: to improve the quality of your hay and secure your farm.

An international team

HAYTECH is the result of the daily work of a team of enthusiasts located around the world: France, Finland, Germany, the United States, and Australia, we are everywhere to serve you!

Finnish quality

All HAYTECH products are designed and conceived in Finland, where the brand’s headquarters are located, with one single idea in mind: to provide quality solutions to our customers.

A wealth of experience

Since 2016, HAYTECH has been working every day to make hay and farm management simpler for you.

HAYTECH in numbers

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Discover the values that drive us

We work to shape the future of agriculture.

Farmers need practical digital innovations

We believe that the field of agriculture also requires digital tools and software to enhance productivity. HAYTECH’s solution places a simple metric at the core of its technology: temperature measurement. Its analysis helps address real and critical issues for farmers: safety and profitability.

The future of farmers will determine our collective future

The future of farmers will determine our collective future

The most effective is the simplest

We believe that a good solution is one that is used by its customers. For it to be used, it must be simple and easy to pick up. That’s why we designed HAYTECH with farmers. Our service is an all-in-one and intuitive system, accessible on all devices.

Reliability is not an option, it is at the heart of our business.

At Quanturi, we design solutions that save the lives of people, businesses, farms, and livestock. We are not allowed to fail. That’s why our solution withstands all conditions and allows real-time monitoring of probe data.”

Technology is the key to reducing the impact of agriculture on the environment

Cattle farming is responsible for the majority of greenhouse gas emissions in agriculture. To reduce CO2 emissions, it is possible to act on the number of cows in the herds and on the quality of their nutrition. Thanks to HAYTECH’s hay quality monitoring, improve your cows’ nutrition, increase their productivity, and reduce their methane emissions.

We believe that innovation and technology should be leveraged to improve the lives of those working hard in the agricultural industry. Our project is a testament to this belief, aimed at revolutionizing the hay industry and making a positive impact on the livelihoods of farmers around the world.
Nadine Pesonen
CEO, Quanturi

A question about HAYTECH?

Find the answers to the most frequently asked questions from our customers.

Does HAYTECH system really better than a thermal camera?

Utilizing robust probes, HAYTECH effectively measures temperatures deep within your hay bales. Unlike traditional thermal cameras, HAYTECH actively prevents smoldering fires, maintaining a safe environment for your operations.

Our system is crafted for a seamless Plug and Play experience. Start by setting up an account, and position the probes effortlessly in hay bales. Should you require assistance, our consultants are ready to guide you through the process.

Certainly. Our coverage extends globally, including regions from Europe to Oceania, encompassing North America, and reaching locations like Tahiti and Mayotte.

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